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Dimissioni a Vaughan

VAUGHAN - Micheal Di Biase si dimette dalla carica di vicesindaco di Vaughan. La conferma è arrivata ieri pomeriggio sull’onda lunga dello scandalo che si sta sviluppando a Vaughan sulle presunte molestie sessuali perpetrate per cinque mesi ai danni di una dipendente comunale. Accuse che non sono state provate in tribunale.

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19 May 2017 10:40 - Corriere Canadese
Bernier: la polemica non si spegne

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  • La scampagnata
    Sono tornata a questa chiesetta
    che solitaria sta' sulla collina
    e come una solerte vedetta
    con dovere, guarda chi s'avvicina
    E' una giornata di calda estate
    un venticello rinfresca l'ambiente
    e le genti non son dimenticate
    e questo e' certo, e' evidente.
    E finita, e' la messa cantata
    la gente si riversa sui campi
    ne viene fuori la cosa portata
    e guarda perbene, se no t'inciampi...
  • Open letter to the Yorkdale Glen Long Community

    TORONTO - We cannot become complacent.  Nothing is a done deal.  That is not how we were raised.  That is not what our heritage allows.  This is not what others come to this community to copy.
    I was at the community meeting on May 11, 2017.  There were over 500 of us.  A good turnout but, could be
  • “Canada and Italy: bonded by a strong relationship”

    TORONTO - Canada and Italy are bonded by a really strong relationship, boosted by an utter sharing of values and strengthened by the presence of the Italian-Canadian community in our country. That is what the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared in an exclusive interview with Corriere Canadese on
  • A Community incensed by the Columbus Centre plan

    The Honourable Joe Volpe, Publisher
    TORONTO - Over 500 people, standing room only, crowded the Yorkdale Secondary School cafetorium, Thursday night, for two and a half hours. It was a mandated “consultation” held by City Planners, conducted by Cathy Ferguson of the Planning department, on the
  • “Where is the transparency at Casa d’Italia and Columbus Centre?”

    TORONTO - What is missing is transparency. Transparency regarding Casa d’Italia and Columbus Centre. This is what Franco Misuraca, representative of the Comitato Tricolore in Canada, observes on the matter of two rather delicate issues affecting the Italian-Canadian community today.
    A common theme runs
  • “We are committed to enhance the immigration system”

    Dear Mr. Volpe:
    I have been following with interest the articles that the “Corriere Canadese” has been publishing regularly on the subject of the Canadian immigration system. A propos, I would like to contribute to the conversation.
    Since June 2016, I have had the pleasure and honour of serving as

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